Thursday, May 29, 2008

MENU Sat May 24th through Fri June 6th

Sat - Cookout with the Murphys! Mmmm... used rain check from Food Lion to get $6/lb porterhouse steak, Jodie made fabulous potatoes, Brandon grilled steaks & squash.. we brought spinach dip in a bread bowl. Hooray for great neighbors!

Sun - Grilled chicken (QH&DC/19), grilled bread (TOH June.July2006/7-8)

Mon - Puerco Pibil (Robert Rodriguez recipe - look for it on YouTube)

Tue - Salmon w/ Caper Relish (found recipe online a while ago)
OVERRIDDEN: had leftover puerco pibil instead

Wed - Goulash (RR1/155), salad
OVERRIDDEN: had Tuesday's planned meal instead

Thu - Pizza w/ pepperoni, onion, pepper, mushrooms (& olives for Jess)

Fri - Fajtas made w/ pork (RR1)
OVERRIDDEN: having this on Monday b/c Dinah's parents are coming for dinner and we need something that can be made really easily.
Having Wednesday's goulash instead.

Sat - "prosciutto" (aka salami b/c it's cheaper) kabobs, grilled corn, mashed potatoes

Sun - Cedar planked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, veggie

Mon - Chicken Marsala
OVERRIDDEN: having Fajitas, but with chicken instead of pork.

Tue - Ravioli w/ pizza sauce, salad

Wed - Chicked & veggies (orange grilled recipe from Kraft2/51), grilled bread w/ cheese

Thu - Frank's Chicken (RR1/138)

Fri - Catfish nuggets, fries, veggie

So, the shopping list for Saturday May 31st:
corn for grilling, 1/8# salami, gronions, mushrooms (about a dozen), veggie x 3, one of which has to last until Fri, good bread, salad stuff, zucchini, 2 red peppers, yellow squash, 1 fennel, 2 onions

That's it for 2 weeks!