Sunday, May 24, 2009

MENU Sun May 24 through Sat June 6th

It's been crazy here for the last month... I think it's actually been that long since we've eaten according to the menu. Had an unexpected trip to Buffalo, friends and family having trouble, house repairs (let's hear it for a tiled kitchen floor!), Lasik surgery, and a new job. I think that covers it.

I'll be back to posting menus now, though.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sun 5/24 - Grilled Porterhouse with Mushrooms for Steak, grilled corn, good bread

Mon 5/25 -
Stuffed Porkloin, veggie, baked potato

Tue 5/26 -
Taco Salad

Wed 5/27 -
Baked Fish with Mushrooms, veggie, wild rice mix

Thu 5/28 -
Tarragon-Crusted Chicken (TOH 2/Spring08/7), salad, Mediterranean Succotash

Fri 5/29 -
Sesame Noodles (RR1/104) with stir-fried chicken and veggies

Sat 5/30 -
Grilled Shrimp Mediterranean over Pasta, salad

Sun 5/31 -
Stuffed Mushroom appetizer, Grilled Lamb Chops using this marinade, found on Cooking for Engineers, grilled veggies, rosemary potatoes

Mon 6/1 -
Salmon with Caper Relish, wild rice mix, veggie

Tue 6/2 -
Enchiladas w/ Mole Sauce (RR1/97-8), salad

Wed 6/3 -
Grilled chicken breast, grilled veggies, baked potato

Thu 6/4 -
Pasta & Sauteed Chicken with Vodka Cream Sauce (sauce recipe from RR1/44), salad and good bread

Fri 6/5 -
Steakhouse Beef & Pepper Stir Fry

Sat 6/6 -
Baked Chicken Quarters, Twice-Baked Potatoes, veggie