Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

So, I hear Dad's the meal planner now. Well... you all helped me to learn to cook, so now I want to be able to share what I've learned about cooking just for 2.

I'll be posting our 2-week meal plans, tips, helpful websites, whatever I come across.

Here's today's tips!

What do you do when a recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of ricotta cheese?
Well, we have that on Sunday 6/15, but then we're having stuffed shells on Monday to use the rest of the cheese.

And did you know that tomato paste freezes wonderfully? Just spoon the leftover the recipe didn't need into an ice-cube tray, then later you can have a ziplock of 2 TB portions of paste. I'd advise keeping a list or whiteboard on the refrigerator, though, so you can keep track of all the little bits you have in the freezer. (Tomato sauce freezes well, too - as do both chicken & beef broth).

When boneless, skinless chicken breast is on sale (it only ever goes as low as $1.99 here on sale - but the regular price is $5.00+!!), we'll buy 4 packages and have "meat packing night." I cut up the chicken into portions, and Dinah labels the freezer bags. All the little bits I cut off to get portion sizes end up in a freezer bag labeled "stir fry." Then, into the freezer they go! We do the same thing for pork, ham, fish.. you name it.

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Unknown said...

Pretty neat Jess I like the 2 week idea ive been only doing 1 but think 2 weeks has merit.Catfish nuggets caught my eye and has me remembering Memphis and catfish and hush puppies ill let you know where that goes....Its summertime so quick,easy and or portable is kids(almost)---Cummins pond,Streeter beach option...ha later HCD