Sunday, November 9, 2008

MENU Mon Nov 10th through Sat Nov 22nd

We just had a weekend of eating out (celebrating our anniversary then eating out with a group of friends) so it's a fine time to create a meal plan based (almost) entirely on what's already in our refrigerator.

11/10 Mon - Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan, salad on the side (I have lettuce, carrots, onion, and cheese for the salad - optionally could add walnuts & craisins, but probably won't add those two items for this meal

11/11 Tue - Happy Second Anniversary to Us! :) BBQ Chicken legs, mashed sweet potato, cooked carrots

11/12 Wed - Sausage Soup with cornbread on the side.

11/13 Thu - Pasta w/ red sauce and ground turkey, salad on the side

11/14 Fri - Baked Fish with Mushrooms (BH&G/282), rice, and veggie (okay, so we will have to go to the store for mushrooms and a veggie for this meal ... salmon's on sale, too ... )
**we never made this that week... ended up going out for Mexican b/c I had to work late**

11/15 Sat - Chicken pot pie (use the bits of leftover canned veggies I have saved in the freezer, the celery that's still in the fridge, and any leftover fresh carrots we still have) - make lots extra to freeze for future meals

11/16 Sun - Pork tenderloin (I'll bring the extra to work for lunch) and acorn squash

11/17 Mon - chili and cornbread

11/18 Tue - steak (the last Porterhouse we have in the freezer!), salad, potato

11/19 Wed - Lasagna (make in small pans & freeze one)

11/20 Thu - Chicken & rice & sausage meal

11/21 Fri - Stir fry w/ chicken and tofu (from freezer - it was on clearance one day, and I saved it in the frzr)

11/22 - Jambalaya

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