Friday, November 28, 2008

MENU Mon Nov 24th through Fri Dec 5th

Happy Thanksgiving! What a crazy week it was, but at last we have several days of rest - and we got to spend yesterday with family, which was wonderful.

Mon 11/24 - Onion Soup (RR2/172), pork chops, butternut squash

Tue 11/25 - I had to work about an hour and a half late, so I called in Chinese & picked it up on the way home.

Wed 11/26 - Baked Fish with Mushrooms (BH&G/282), rice, broccoli

Thu 11/27 - TONS of good food for a Thanksgiving lunch ... then leftover Chinese for dinner.
For Thanksgiving, I brought Artichoke Dip for an appetizer, and Apple Pie for dessert.

Fri 11/28 - leftover Thanksgiving for dinner

Sat 11/29 - at last, make the Jambalaya I've been meaning to cook for ages

Sun 11/30 - Chicken pot pie

Mon 12/1 - Salmon w/ Caper Relish, rice, broccoli

Tue 12/2 - Lasagna (from freezer), salad

Wed 12/3 - Cashew Chicken (RR1/105)

Thu 12/4 - Shredded Pork Wraps (a Crock Pot meal), chips & salsa

Fri 12/5 - Pork fried rice (using leftover cooked pork in the freezer)

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