Monday, December 29, 2008

MENU Fri Dec 26th through Sat Jan 10th

Christmas through 12/28 - lots of holiday food, party food, and leftovers from said holiday and party meals.

MON 12/29 - Chili made w/ leftover (frozen) rib meat, cornbread muffins.

TUE 12/30 - Salmon with Caper Relish, rice, salad

WED 12/31 - We're going to a party that night, so we'll probably do something super quick & easy.. I had been planning to make Pasta au Gratin (a great recipe from my mom - she makes it every New Year's), but that'll have to wait to New Year's Day instead. I think we'll have Chicken Pot Pie (without the pie.. do some bread instead.. I keep the chicken stew in 2-portion bags in the freezer).

THU 1/1 - Say hello to 2009 with Pasta au Gratin (my mom's great recipe)!

FRI 1/2 - Brandy and Orange Chicken (RR2/190), stuffing, Glazed Parsnips and Carrots.

SAT 1/3 - Puerco Pibil (recipe from extras on the dvd for Once Upon A Time In Mexico), corn, rice

SUN 1/4 - Roast Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, veggie (whatever's on sale)

MON 1/5 - Chicken and "Chorizo" made with leftover chicken from Sunday night's Roast Chicken and with the 1/2 # kielbasa I have in the freezer. From having celery w/ wings for our party last weekend, I experimented with freezing celery.. it will now go in this recipe.

TUE 1/6 - BBQ Chicken Legs (the way my fabulous older sister taught me to make them), mashed potatoes, veggie (whatever's on sale)

WED 1/7 - Goulash (RR1/155) made using ground turkey instead of beef, salad

THU 1/8 - Fajitas (RR1/90) w/ Guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and tortilla chips on the side

FRI 1/9 - Good bread w/ dipping oil w/ spices, Stuffed Chicken Rolls (Med/131) using rice & ricotta from the freezer, served with pasta & salad

SAT 1/10 - Onion Soup, Pollo Rosa Maria, veggie (whatever's on sale, hopefully asparagus)

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