Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Local Produce, Weekly Menu

The Produce Box, located in the Raleigh area, is an organization that provides fresh, local produce at a reasonable cost. I am proud to be supporting local farmers while receiving a product far superior to the offerings at my area's commercial grocery stores. Buying local products also supports the environment. Just imagine the drop in fossil fuel consumption that would result if even half the families in the US bought local produce rather than what had been shipped across the country!

I am now receiving weekly produce deliveries from The Produce Box. Each week, I will post the recipes from their newsletter on JustRightMenus. The recipes from The Produce Box have their own category on the site, to make them easy to find.

As a subscriber to The Produce Box, I choose weekly from 3 different boxes of produce, two of which have stated contents. The third has surprise contents - this is typically the box I choose. So I will no longer be planning complete menus two weeks at a time, as I don't know what produce I'll have until it's delivered each Wednesday.

I'll now be posting a weekly menu, full of local produce.

If you've never visited your local farmer's market, check it out this weekend! That would be a fun trip to go on with Dad!

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