Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MENU Wed 6/16 through Tue 6/22/2010

It's Produce Day!

I received corn, eggplant, bell peppers, red tomatoes, peaches, cherry tomatoes, and edamame from The Produce Box this week. I have half a pound of green & wax beans left from last week, destined for Sunday's Wax and Green Beans with Roasted Peppers. I also have some Daikon radish still hanging out in the fridge, so it'll be featured in Friday's Spring Asparagus and White Bean Salad.

I'll be having tomato sandwiches for lunch this week, with lovely fresh peaches on the side.
Do you have more corn than you can use in a week? I understand... I'll be freezing the leftover corn, since there's only 2 of us. Okay, there's baby Rosie, too, but she doesn't eat corn yet.

Here's the week's menu:

WED 6/16 - Stuffed Chicken Rolls from the freezer, ready to bake; Pasta with Pesto; Fresh Cucumber Salad; Edamame.
I've never made edamame at home before; I plan to use this recipe from
I make a large batch of cucumber salad at a time, storing it in a quart Mason jar in the fridge. We'll have it throughout the week.

THU 6/17 - Appetizer: Salsa and Chips, Enchiladas from the freezer, ready to bake; Grilled Corn.
If anyone has a time-tested, homemade salsa recipe, please post it on - I'd love to learn to make my own!

FRI 6/18 - Roasted Chicken Quarters, Spring Asparagus and White Bean Salad with green & wax beans steamed & tossed in as well, Baked Red Potatoes, and Fresh Cucumber Salad.
I just wash the potatoes, prick them with a fork, and bake with the chicken while it cooks (not in the same pan).

SAT 6/19 - We're having friends for dinner. Not sure of the main entree yet, but I know I'm making Shrimp and Black Bean Salad, using the green peppers and cherry tomatoes from The Produce Box. We'll have Grilled Corn as the main vegetable. I'll also be making Roasted Eggplant and Red Pepper Topping to serve w/ pita chips as an appetizer. I'll be using green peppers instead of red, though, since I have them. If it works out well, I'll post my version of the recipe on

SUN 6/20 - Eggplant Parmesan, here we come! Serve with Garlic Bread and Wax and Green Beans with Roasted Peppers.

MON 6/21 - Shepherd's Pie.

TUE 6/22 - "Prosciutto" Chicken Kabobs, Grilled Corn, Pasta Salad. If we still have eggplant, I'll cube it to add to the kabobs.
I'll grill extra corn so I can save it for a future batch of pasta salad. Just slice the kernels off the husk once the corn cools, and refrigerate or freeze in a baggie. I'm off to water my basil plant, since it looks like I'll be asking a lot of it this week.


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