Monday, February 23, 2009

MENU Mon Feb 23rd through Fri Mar 6th

MON 2/23 - Baked Spaghetti. The last time I made it, I froze half - for this meal, we'll cook that frozen half.

TUE 2/24 - Chicken stir-fry served with rice

WED 2/25 - Roasted Chicken Quarters, rice w/ almonds & oranges, veggie on sale

THU 2/26 - Crunchy Oven-Fried Fish made using salmon, acorn squash (microwave to cook), veggie

FRI 2/27 - Chicken pot pie made w/ frozen dough from Debbie.

SAT 2/28 - Lasagna - use ricotta in fridge, salad

SUN 3/1 - Cornish hens, rosemary potatoes, salad

MON 3/2 - Dinah's first day at his new job!! Hooray!!
Chicken Marsala
, herbed angel hair pasta, salad

TUE 3/3 - Tuna Tataki w/ Ponzu sauce, jasmine rice, veggie

WED 3/4 - Salmon with Caper Relish, wild rice mix, veggie

THU 3/5 - Chicken in Mushroom Sauce, Fried Apples and Onions

FRI 3/6 - Pre-cooked ham steaks from frzr - just need to reheat. Serve w/ mashed potatoes & canned peas.

SAT 3/7 - Baked Cod (though we're going to use Tilapia) with Stuffing on Top and White Risotto (RR2468/244)

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