Thursday, September 11, 2008

MENU Sat Aug 9th through Sun Aug 23rd

Okay, if I'm going to do this thing, I need to do it. Many apologies for not having been posting my menus (although, I am not sure that anyone other than me has been reading this).

8/9 Sat - Puerco pibil with rice and corn

8/10 Sun - Pollo Rosa Maria with asparagus

8/11 Mon - Pasta with pesto and chicken, veggie that's on sale

8/12 Tue - Lamb (Med/114) with boiled potatoes and veggie that's on sale

8/13 Wed - Ham Steak with biscuits and veggie that's on sale

8/14 Thu - Fish parcels (Med/74) and veggie

8/15 Fri - Stuffed shells (in frzr as leftovers) w/ tomato sauce, carrot sticks

8/16 Sat - Dinner with Dinah's parents.

8/17 Sun - Cashew Chicken (RR/105)

8/18 Mon - Chicken w/ Lemon and Garlic (Med/126), rice, veggie that's on sale

8/19 Tue - Taco Salads

8/20 Wed - Pork Stirfry

8/21 Thu - Fish with Capers (Med/71), veggie that's on sale

8/22 Fri - My Friend Frank's Favorite Chicken (RR/138)

8/23 Sat - Mediterranean Baked Fish (Med/74), veggie that's on sale

8/24 Sun - Chicken w/ Lemon (Med/124), lentils and rice, veggie that's on sale

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