Friday, July 9, 2010

Squash Fritters

The Squash Fritters were a hit tonight! The recipe specified zucchini, but I used summer squash from The Produce Box. I served them with plan yoghurt on the side.

My husband is not a big squash fan, let me just get that out there. Me? Just slice it up, toss it in a pan 'til it's warm, and I'm a happy girl. But ... ::drumroll:: ... he liked these! We are definitely having these again. I can't wait to get more squash!

Round Two, in the pan

Flipped Over (after 3-4 minutes)

Round One, Complete!

Sorry, no pics of them beautifully plated alongside creamy yoghurt... the dear baby started to scream right about dinnertime, so the camera was laid aside. 

Frying Advice
  • Be sure your oil is HOT! The recommended temperature for frying is 350 to 375 degrees. The high temp means the food absorbs less oil and will actually be more crispy.
  • Use a long-handled spoon to drop the fritters into the pan, unless you want scars. 
  • Don't try to fit too much in the pan at once... crowded fritters are not tasty fritters. Also, the more you add, the more your oil temp drops.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Seriously. Mine is in a cupboard directly opposite the stove, and I make sure it's *always* in front. I'd rather have to shift things to get to the Windex when I need it than have to shift things to get to the fire extinguisher when I need it!

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